Sunday, 17 May 2015

Santorini reloaded! - part II

Santorini is amazingly beautiful and you can do and see a tone of cool stuff there so be sure to make some research before you go. Our main goals there were to relax on the beach (I will tell you about that in the next post), walk till our feet hurt along the pretty streets filled with withe houses and eat all the delicious fresh food. So we focused on that. I do however have some tips for you guys:
  • Walking from Fira to Imerovigli (along the clifftop footpath) was recommended to us and it didn't disappoint (it usually takes about 25-30 minutes). It took us way more because I had to stop and take pictures of everything but it was worth it! I think you can walk all the way to Oia if you are fit enough, witch I am not, so I didn't :D
  • Be sure to get to Oia at least an hour before the sunset in order to get a decent spot (we arrived an hour earlier and still it was pretty hard to find a good location + all the tables in all the restaurants that were facing the sunset were full)
  • After watching the sunset I highly recommend heading down the 300 steps (wear comfy shoes!!!) to Amoudy Bay for an amazing dinner. You can get a taxi back to wherever your hotel is because walking back up the stairs in total darkness is not really an option.
And now, photos! ^_^

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