Thursday, 7 May 2015

Santorini reloaded! - part I

Sadness has struck me! I think dumb ass Tumblr is to blame. I moved from Tumblr to Blogger about a year ago and life was good till now, when I realized half of my old links are broken. I think I can fix them but it's gonna be time consuming. So long story short: I'm reposting my Santorini pictures because:
  1. they are awesome (in my opinion :p) and I love them
  2. my week in Santorini was the best vacation I ever had
I'm going to post a lot more photos than the first time so I'll probably make this a Santorini trilogy or something. I'm also gonna try and remember some useful travel tips to share in the next posts ^_^
Hope these photos put a smile on your face and make you dream of your next vacation because summer is just around the corner!

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