Monday, 27 April 2015

Eat like a local: My favorite restaurants on Berger Strasse, Frankfurt

Berger Strasse is the longest shopping street in Frankfurt and the main street in one of the most popular residential areas. It is packed with restaurants, cafes, bars and small designer boutiques. Someone on TripAdvisor said it's the place where cool locals come to hang. So happy me for staying right on this street while in Frankfurt!
Now I know I'm not a local but I do think I have some great recommendations for you guys because I did my research every day and only choose restaurants with great reviews. Firstly because going out to eat is one of my favorite things to do while on holiday and secondly because 
(not so fun fact about me) I'm a planner. I will only pick a random place to eat if I'm either starving or my feet hurt like hell.
So here it is... my favorite restaurants:
    1. Schoneberger Gasthaus & Bar (Berger Str. 237, 60385 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany): Website/ Tripadvisor (pic 1)
    It's only fair to start with a traditional restaurant. Or better yet traditional meets modern because the atmosphere there is super relaxed and "young" . I think we were really lucky to get seats without a reservation because it was more than full although the place is quite big and we went on a Wednesday night. The food was good and it gets bonus points because the waitress was more than nice.
    2. Bistro Ristorante Rucola (Berger Strasse 15, 60316 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany): Website/ Tripadvisor  (pic 2)
    I loooove this place! The pizza is amazing, better than I had in Rome if I do say so myself. The fact that the staff really is Italian probably helps :D In my book this place is a must!

    3. Chi Chi Thai (Bornheim | Berger Strasse 10, 60316 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany): Website/ Tripadvisor   (pics 4 &5)
    Chi Chi Thai is my favorite on this list. I still have day dreams about it. Ordering there was fun to begin with because the names of the dishes were in Thai and the ingredients were in German. I speak neither. We went a couple of times and every time boyfriend and I had the duck (Ente in German) something. The first time that something was rice with vegetables and the second time stir fry noodles. I highly recommend getting the deep fried bananas with honey for desert, although I had tp force myself to eat it (food portions are huge in Germany!!!)

    4. Mirador (Berger Strasse 65, 60316 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany): Website/ Tripadvisor  (pics 5&6)
    Mirador is another place that serves traditional dishes. I loved that it was just a minute away from our place and the food was yummy. They also have a cute terrace but the weather was dead set on not letting me enjoy it so... maybe next time.

    Note: The prices per person, including drinks (and tips) were between 10 and 15 euros and the portions are humongous [except for the pizza.... pizza is still pizza-sized ;)]

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