Friday, 6 March 2015

A guide to Sibiu: Lili's Cafe

Lili's Cafe is one of my favorite places in Sibiu: it's cute, cozy and makes you feel at home. They have a great variety of yummy coffee and yummy tea, which is probably the reason we've been going there since forever. In the summer time they have a cute little terrace outside with comfy sofas and blankets so you can drink wine and people watch well into the night. But it's best not to think about summer yet...
These photos were taken on a very short coffee break with Oteea (because photo shootings and shopping sessions MUST be followed by coffee breaks. It is the law of the Universe). I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the place because it was empty (at least this room was - the place is pretty big, it has two floors).
So there you have it: my little attempt at city guiding.
Have a lovely weekend, everybody! ^_^

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