Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Cute places: Framm's

I must admit I often fall in love with adorable little cafes, or pubs, or anything else that has tables and chairs and a menu. But I rarely find a pace like this empty so that I can take a tone of pictures without getting the "Is she crazy?" look. Luckily we arrived at Framm's early in the morning and had this cozy little room all to ourselves (the place has 2 other rooms, but as I said, I try not to make people question my sanity :D).
Framm's is nicely decorated, colorful and fun, our waitress was friendly and helpful, and the coffee is yummy (and might I add cheap, compared to the Sibiu/Bucharest prices I''m accustomed to). So be sure to recharge your batteries here when visiting Alba Iulia. ^_^

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