Monday, 17 June 2013

Street Delivery 2013

Street Delivery takes place every year between the 14th and 16thof June and transforms a street normally packed by cars into a colorful and vibrant pedestrian zone. In Bucharest’s case this Street is Arthur Verona.

This year I happened to be in Bucharest during Street Delivery so I made Boyfriend take me. Happy day. Happy day until we reached the pottery crafting stand where 15 kids were waiting to make their own pretty little clay vase. Of course I didn’t get to make mine because it’s not nice to kick children and cut to the front of the line…sad me.  But then I petted a rat on a guy’s shoulder and life was good again.

The street was full of happy people taking photos, eating ice cream or muffins and drinking lemonade and it was really refreshing to see a colorful background instead of the usual grey and sad looking buildings, so kudos Street Delivery for a great initiative!

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